Our Purpose

Plaster is a multi-media online magazine born out of a desire to fill the gap in the Western media landscape for critical fashion journalism aimed at curious and ambitious teenagers. Divided into three categories – Deep Dive, Ones to Watch and Careers 101 – Plaster seeks to inform, inspire and educate while offering an authentic insider perspective on the misleadingly glamourised fashion industry. Consider it an antidote to the sponsored listicles and influencer content dominating teenagers’ social media feeds today.

Plaster was shortlisted for Graduate Fashion Foundation's award in association with FACE and also LVMH's Maison/0 Green Trail award.

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Our Team

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Dayna Tohidi

Editorial Assistant

Aswan Magumbe

Visual Identity

David James Williams

Josie Kinnear


Natasha Burman

Karina Bondareva

Contributing Artists

Meera Madhu

Ekaterina Gordeeva

With special thanks to 

Judith Watt, James Anderson, Philip Clarke, Frederik Burlage, Cath Caldwell, Berni Yates, Sarbjit Natt, Fiona Johnson